Welcome to Muman Solution

Muman Solution solves our client's challenges faced during the process of product certification, for CRS under the Bureau of Indian Standards or the BEE labelling program etc.

We Provides complete end to end solution certification service starting rom Testing to obtaining certificate/license for electronics and IT products from relevant government authorities in India.

By providing the best strategies, best consultancy by the senior staff of over 25 years of experience in this field, with the quickest response from our teams and most importantly with a fixed lead time for the timely completion of our projects.

Muman Solution powered by a team of technical experienced and specialised engineers provide best certification services to its client within the shortest period possible time.

We cooperate with over 50+ customers Worldwide. We have provide transformational outcomes to meet our customer demands. Through Muman Solution we combine our capabilities to invent, develop and deliver disruptive services to our clients.