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Muman solution is a one stop solution to the registration services that include quality certification, testing, compulsory registration scheme under BIS, BEE labelling, etc.


Welcome to Muman Solutions

We are providing our services to 50+ customers from last 5 years.

Documentation Support

We have team of experts to work closely with Clients to ensure correct documentation for BIS certification and renewal of license which ensure timely delivery.

Lab Testing

Muman provides support in getting your product tested from the BIS approved Test Labs. We select the best lab, send the samples for testing along with the necessary documentation and get the test reports in fastest time for our clients.

Approval from Indian Certification Organisation

Muman ensures that the client gets the timely approval of its application by ensuring correct documentation and constant engagement with BIS officials.

Application Filling

We ensure that application filed on behalf of client is flawless, which ensures that unnecessary time is not lost.

Local Indian Support

We act as an Indian local representative for our clients with the certification agencies of India to take of business interest of the client This is a mandatory process by the Bureau of Indian Standard.

Our Services

We combine our capabilities to invent, develop and deliver disruptive services to our clients.